"Help - my boss has told me to put together a budget and I don't know where to start"

"I've just been given some financial figures to analyse - where do I begin?"

"I've been told to cut costs - how, why, where?"

"I have been accused of, amongst others:

  • Flat sales,
  • Cost overruns,
  • Disgruntled customers,
  • Dried-up cash flow,
  • Making the shareholders unhappy,
  • Lost investment opportunities, etc, etc

- and I do not know what it means, how to fix it or even why!"

Managing a budget and understanding finance are fundamentals you can't ignore in business. But if you have no experience of accounting or economics it can be difficult to make sense of them fast. Business finance isn't difficult. It may be complex, and it may have lots of zeros, but it isn't tough. Why then do so many intelligent managers, who are good with numbers and balance their checkbooks with ease, get thrown off when discussions of business finance start?

Business finance has a few key concepts, wrapped up in mystifying jargon. The aim is to remove the fear of numbers and to equip you with the knowledge and skills to deal confidently with this important aspect of a manager's responsibilities. Whether you manage in a commercial or a "not for profit" sector, this course will help you to understand money and to contribute positively when money is being discussed.

This course has been designed to fill the finance knowledge gaps of non-financial managers.

We begin by looking at Managing Resources.