Following on to Finance 1: Managing Resources 501, we are now ready to move on to Financial Accounting.

For the purpose of preparing for the Finance 2: Financial Accounting 502 Module, you are required to study Chapters 8 to 14 from Mel Brooks' Course Notes. It deals with financial reports, statements, documents and their different applications and principles, and is therefor very important at all management levels.

It might be a suggestion to scan the first seven chapters (just to refresh the memory) before you start with chapter 8.

The topics are:
  • Section 08:The Income Statement and Balance Sheet
  • Section 09:Financial Analysis
  • Section 10:Budgeting
  • Section 11:Capital Budgeting
  • Section 12:The Accounting System
  • Section 13:Working Capital Management
  • Section 14:Financial Statements in a Big Company