Your GrowLive! Report in One Place!

Your GrowLive! Report in One Place!

by Jan Combrink -
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Your GrowLive! performance and requirements now available in one report in one place!

Great news to all Learners on the OGE and GrowLive! web sites!!!  You can now check all your performance results and outstanding work on all your currently active and enrolled courses and modules in one place. You have asked for it and now it is available.

You can still call the AMDP Administrator at (012) 660-0730 to get an update, but you now have the option to help yourself on-demand by just visiting the OGE web site.

To view your report, enter the OGE web site, log in at the bottom of the screen with your username and password and go to My Profile and then My GrowLive! Report. At the top of the page you will see information like this:


Followed by all the courses or modules you are currently enrolled for, like this:


Just below that you will see the information of your first enrolled course in the list above, like this, according to your enrolments:


You can click on any of the course or module names (you are enrolled for) in the list to view the report on that item, such as How to Learn 101 or Operations Management 501 lissted below:


Every report will contain the results of completed Assignments, Quizzes and Workshops - like this:


Every report will also show outstanding Assignments, Quizzes and Workshops - like this:


Your comments on the reports will be appreciated.  We plan to add a full on-screen report preview within a few days and will also create a downloadable PDF version.